Diesel Rat Rods

Rat Rodders are fanatically devoted to their Diesel Rat Rod trucks. Diesel is not a common direction when it comes to building a Rat Rod. While diesel Rat Rod trucks are different, Rat Rod fans do a double take when they see one. Diesel Rat Rod Trucks defy definition and educate us. Rat Rods are blind to rule books and labels. Rat rod trucks with diesel engines run with full volume. So take your fingers out of your ears and open your eyes my friend. The only thing that should be considered odd for a diesel rat rod is fresh paint. If you have experience with Diesel engines give diesel rat rods a try.

Diesel Rat Rods
1932 Ford – Diesel Rat Rods – Rat Rod Trucks

This 1932 Ford model A diesel powered Truck was built by Steve Darnell. Steve builds rods for a living in Las Vegas, Nevada. – His slammed diesel rat rod truck was left as ratty as possible to create a dramatic contrast. At Just Rat Rods you can find project trucks so you can build your own Rat Rod or complete Diesel Rat Rods at a great price. See more vintage rat rod diesel and rat rod trucks below.

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