Rat Rod Trucks

The Hot Rod movement started after World War II when returning young soliders purchased prewar cars and truck out of junkyards for a few dollars and modified them for more speed. 1930 and 1940 Ford’s with their flathead V-8 engines were preferred. By the 1970s and 1980s Hot Rods were becoming elaborately customized vehicles. This trend evolved to the point that some Hot Rod or Street Rods were costing six figures and up.

Rat Rod Trucks are some of the hottest street rods on the road today. Next time you see a group of rat rod trucks take a closer look. You will be amazed at the creativity and skill of these rat rod trucks and rat rod cars. Some are just a work of art.

Rat Rod Trucks

To most Rat Rodders young and old their home built Rat Rod Trucks represents a return to the roots of Hot Rodding. Rat Rod Truck builders embrace vehicles that display rebellious attitude and intentionally distressed unfinished appearance unlike polished Hot Rods.

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