Rat Rod TV

Rat Rod TV

Rat Rod TV – Rat Rod Television is your home for Thrust, Lust and Rust. See Backyard builders in their garages where Junk-A-Billy mechanics grab and fab their own cars from what ever they can find. There are no rules at Rat Rod TV just hair bending entertainment and rat rod pin-ups including Miss Redd, Jennifer Allan, Laura Hallenberger and Mack.

Rat Rod TV Episode 1 – Interview with Rat Rod builder Sammy Vildosola. See his 27 Ford touring car cut down into a roadster on a 1930 model A Ford frame. It is equipped with a 350 Chevy small block. Then check out the 1926 Essex Rat Rod TV car teardown.

Rat Rod TV Episode 2 – Ms Redd hosts from the “Junkyard Pirates” at Mike Kelly’s backyard garage in Las Vegas, Nevada. Also the King of Clubs in Barona Raceway in Southern California featuring a 1924 Rat Rod, 1923 model T touring and a 1956 British taxi cab. Se the progress made on the Essex TV car by “Body Bang”.

Rat Rod TV Episode 3 – Ms Redd hosts Rat Rod TV from Steve’s S & S Garage in Las Vegas, Nevada as they work on a Dodge Rat Rod. See Cadillac Pat’s 1935 Chevy Truck, Great Pin-up’s at 11:00 and the Essex Rat Rod gets a new Frame built.

Rat Rod TV Episode 4 – In this half hour special see how the Ms Redd and the crew at Rat Rod TV chopped the top on the 1926 Essex Rat Rod TV car.

Rat Rod TV Episode 5 – 1939 Chevy from Johnny B’s Garage in Paso Robles, CA. The body cost only $450.00. The 454 engine and turbo 400 transmission is out a Suburban. Other features include a dropped axle, channeled the body over the frame rails, disc brakes up front, rear drum brakes, home made headers and has the original bed lowered. Red wheels and wide whites of course. Check out the Rat Rod BBQ grill at 22:30.

Rat Rod TV Episode 6 – This episode features Playmate Jennifer Alan and the 12 builds sent in by backyard garage builders. They include a ’51 Ford, 1949 Ford, ’36 Dodge, Jeep 4×4 Rock Rat Rod, 1941 International, ’48 Ford, ’41 Ford Truck, 1947 International, 1941 International Pickup Truck, 1946 Chevrolet Pickup, 1936 Cadillac LaSalle and a Model A Roadster Rat Rod.

Rat Rod TV Episode 7 – Ms. Redd washes Ford Sedan Rat Rod Studio 21 Tattoo Texas Rat. See Kirk Sawyer’s 31 Ford garage build. Doug Cook’s Rock and Roll carport build GMC. The Essex get new suspension.

Rat Rod TV Episode 8 – Ms. Redd takes you to Viva Vegas Rockabilly weekender. See Jimaleen King and her 31 Ford truck and ’41 Pontiac straight eight engine and transmission. The Essex build update with a new motor.

Rat Rod TV Episode 9 – The complete Rat Rod Magazine “Tour Rat” build is a 1931 Desoto pickup truck. You can see it here from the the first cut to the parade. The body was originally a four door cut down to two, channeled six inches and chopped 3 inches. Frame is a early ’90 S-10 and the fins from a 1960 Plymouth. Also see a preview of a 1957 Oshkosh Cement truck build and Gary Johnson’s 27 Roadster.

Rat Rod TV Episode 10 – See Buck’s Boneyard in southern California. This guy has the enough cars and parts to make dozens of Rat Rods, Hot Rods and Street Rods some with rat rod air ride. His place is amazing and its all for sale. Buck claims he is to old for this anymore. What do you think?

Rat Rod TV Episode 11 – Rat Rod Ricky and Steve Darnell’s 1931 Ford two door sedan model A Bio-Diesel build form start to finish. Steve, Deeter, Danny, Aaron and Justin built this Rat Rod. It was completed in two weeks! The rat rod frame is Awesome.